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Car Hand Wash

The best hands are our own! This is what Corner Car Wash believes when it comes to hand car wash. Cleaning cars using hand is the most traditional method that is used even today. Advancements in technology has introduced automated car washes but many are coming to terms with the fact that hand wash is better for cars even though the process can take while to be completed.

Most professional car washes understand how difficult and at times how nearly impossible it is for the most advanced machinery to reach certain areas of the car. But with car hand wash that has never been the issue. At Corner Car wash we know which these tough spots are and our professional hand car wash service makes sure that all dirt and grime are eliminated from those spots.

It is important to maintain your car’s shine after a good wash. Some choose to go for a wax or polish and there are many who opt for both. At Corner Car Wash we offer you both these services.

Hand Car wash

Car Polishing

Car polish helps removescratches on the surface of the car. It also helps remove swirls, dirt, and other minor aberrations. A car polish is used after a car wash and before waxing. Car polishing helps in restoringthe paint’s shine. Car polish done by Corner Car Wash uses the best polishing products and machine to remove a thin layer of the paint so the scratchedsurface isreduced. The effects of our car polishing last for almost over a year. We only use non abrasive polishes on cars.

Superior Quality Hand Car Wash Melbourne

As you can see Corner Car Wash provides the best car wash, polishing and waxing in Melbourne. Our experts understand the work and make sure that your car is cleaned in the best and the most proper manner while enhancing your car’s value.


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