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Many of us use our cars almost every day. Most of our travel, even though it is done within the safety of our car,is through pollution, dust and heavy traffic. Such conditions make the interiors of our car dirty and in many cases unhygienic.

Besides all that, over a certain period of time, the plastic panels and wood interiors of cars become loose and unmanageable.Dust and grime also begins to accumulate in various parts within the car. Though we carry a piece of cloth to give our car a quick dusting it can never be a long term solution for maintaining the health of our car.

But with Corner Car Wash’s Car Interior cleaning you can have your car’s interiors look spotless and clean

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We target all areas of your car to ensure that it gets the best interior cleaning. For this purpose we target cleaning of seats, roof, floor, side panels, dashboards, mirrors, lens, AC ducts and windshields. The products and technique that we use to clean the interiors improves the overall aesthetics and quality of your car along with its hygiene.

When the professionals at Corner Car provide car interior cleaning, we ensure that

  • Every imaginable surface is cleaned up without leaving behind any residue or marks
  • Remove all stain and dirt efficiently and effectively from the surface of the car’s interiors
  • The look, shine and feel of the car’s plastics and leather upholstery are enhanced to give it a new look
  • All glasses, lens, mirrors and windshields are cleaned properly without leaving any streak marks on them
  • The finish on the paint and plastic is preserved and maintained for a much longer duration than normal

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