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Car Steam Cleaning is gaining a lot of popularity in Melbourne. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to clean your car. With car steam cleaning you can target both the interior and the exterior of your vehicle

Steam clean is a terrific way to clean and improve the hygiene of your car’s interiors. The vapor can be used to clean the car’s upholstery and leather items that cover the seats. You can also remove the stains on your car seats and also deodorise, thus achieving full car sanitisation. The vapour that is generated to clean the car’s interiors dries off in a matter of minutes thus saving you a lot of time.

High temperature steam blast cleans the dirt and grime in no time. The vapour that is created during steam clean reaches every corner of the car. It is also effective in cleaning oil and grease. You can also achieve effective cleaning for your car’s outer body with steam clean.

Car Steam Cleaning

High Quality Car Steam Cleaning Melbourne

A good, high quality Car Steam Cleaning can target these specific areas-

For Car Exterior:

  • Engine Bay: The vapour mixed with the cleaning liquids can remove the grease and oil trails. One big benefit is that all the electronics and sensors on board your engine bay remain unaffected by the vapour.
  • Side Panels: The steam removes dirt from the panels.
  • Paint: Steam cleaning can cleanse the outer body of your car in minutes. It is also a great way to protect the car’s paint job
  • Mirrors & Glass: All the dirt and grime can be washed away easily. No extra chemical are needed. The steam ensures that there is no glare and or unwanted reflection from foam residue.
  • Wheels & Tyres: High pressure steam not only cleans the wheels but it also removes all the dirt stuck in the tyre treads

For Car Interior:

  • Dashboard: With minimal use of chemical you can clean the whole dashboard
  • Car Carpets & Seats: The steam removes all stain, dirt and odour. Drying takes less than a few minutes with steam cleaning
  • Leather Upholstery: Steam can rejuvenate leather and help retains its original luster.
  • Trims & Seat Belts: The vapour can remove dirt and oil stains by reaching tricky areas
  • ACDucts: The steam flows through the ducts removing all harmful bacteria, odour and smell.

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